Nutrient density

Amplified Feed Solution pellets are formulated to a high metabolisable energy specification first, with protein and macromineral concentrations adjusted to meet the requirements of the given stock class.

Metabolisable energy from fermentable carbohydrate and oil

High, but safe concentrations of fermentable carbohydrate are provided by Amplified Feed Solutions pellets to drive a vigorous rumen fermentation. Additional energy is also provided by the oils in protein meals whilst ensuring the oil concentration is low enough not to affect the populations of microbes in the rumen.

True Protein

Amplified Feed Solutions pellets contain no urea with the entire protein concentration in the pellet coming from high quality protein meals, pulses, and grains. This makes the pellet safer (if fed out in wet conditions) and results in greater efficiency for a given protein concentration because the true protein becomes available more gradually and also provides some protein subunits (amino acids) directly to the animal through intestinal absorption (bypass protein) which can be used directly by the target tissues or which can act as a building block for glucose production.

Want to improve growth rates?

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